Protecting you and your customers from the cyber threats you have now, and those you don't yet know.

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Managed Cyber security Services

We protect Australia's critical assets relied upon by our local communities.

At every level of society, Australian government organisations work to ensure our citizens are safe, secure and treated fairly.

Our governments are responsible for storing, maintaining and securing billions of personal records every year and manage enormous budgets stretching into the billions. As such, our local, state and federal governments are primary targets for cybercriminals.

PROTECT+ defends Australian government organisations at a strategic, tactical and operational level, protecting them from hackers, fraudsters, hacktivists, the media and nation-state actors.

Over the last four years, Kinetic IT has become a core part of Wannon Water’s Cyber Resilience Strategy.
Kinetic IT’s PROTECT+ 24x7 monitoring and Security Operations Centre services have provided us insights, detection and threat response capabilities that we just didn’t have the resources to do on our own, and they have become a pivotal part of our cyber defence toolkit. We have also come to value and rely on Kinetic IT’s sound advice and consulting on cyber issues and projects. We find Kinetic IT to be reliable, dependable and honest, and we highly value the cyber security advice and services they provide us.
Craig Roberts
Manager, Information Security
Wannon Water
Why Protect+

Our scale
matches yours

Our knowledge of global security threats is backed by an unrivalled presence in the Australian IT landscape. Our specialist cybersecurity crew are supported by a more than 1,400-strong team with intimate knowledge of customer operations.

01We're Tailored

Our values-led, benefit-driven responsive solutions are tailored to fit our customers’ specific operational needs and focus on building onsite capabilities to leverage your security investment.

02We're Connected

Through our connections with chosen vendors, industry experts and the security community, we gain global insights that strengthen our extensive local knowledge to the benefit of our customers.


Our reputation is only as good as yours. To protect the operations and people you value, we’ve built our own security capability in order to share your security risk.


By combining the practices of core Kinetic IT services with our advanced security offerings, we lead the way in defending current and emerging threats.
what we do

Tailored cyber security services & recommendations resulting in a stronger posture for your organisation.

To deliver tangible protection of your operations against global threats, we employ specialist cyber security knowledge and insights which make sense of the noise around cyber threats and drive actionable change.

Threat Intelligence Navy

Threat Intelligence

Leverage connected global intelligence and local context for increased visibility and faster detection of attacks specific to your organisation. Access international cybersecurity experts located onshore.

Threat Response Navy

Threat Response

Turn threat intelligence into action. Accelerate your onsite incident resolution with real-time data provided by our Security Operations Centre (SOC) for faster remediation.

Security Assurance Navy

Security Assurance

Assess your organisation’s vulnerability to attacks and benefit from in-depth investigation of breaches for future prevention. Improve regulatory compliance across security standards.

Security Awareness Navy

Security Awareness

Strengthen the security posture across your entire organisation. Receive globally-recognised training and certifications, and tailored programs to suit specific organisational needs.

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Cyber Security Services
Information Exchange

Gain actionable insights into your environment through the combination of global intelligence and local context. Kinetic IT's Cyber Security Information Exchange offers a customised view of the threats specific to your environment, people and data.

Security Operations Intelligent Reporting

Security Operations
Intelligent Reporting

Intelligent reporting delivered via our Insights Centre providing you with real-time access to cyber analytics, threat correlation and advanced threat intelligence.
Threat Hunting Research Analysis

Threat hunting
Research & Analysis

A proactive approach for forensic analysis and detection of threat actors operating within your environment to assess your risk and enhance your defences.
Platform Integration Visualisation

Platform integration
& visualisation

Technical and process integration of our Threat Intelligence service to leverage your strategic and operational outcomes and gain greater insight across the business.

Customer Advisory Information

customer advisory
& information

Real-time monitoring of the global threat environment and rapid reporting of contextualised advice based on your industry, location and technology footprint.
Protect+ cases

Cyber Security

Our knowledge of global security threats is backed by an unrivalled presence in the Australian IT landscape. Our specialist security crew are supported by a more than 1,400-strong team with intimate knowledge of customer operations.

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