Prevent future cyber breaches and strengthen your regulatory compliance through an assessment of your organisation’s vulnerable access points and a tailored security strategy designed to evolve with your organisation.

Security Assurance

We defend global threats in a local context.

Relationships are at the centre of our mission to protect Australia’s critical services and the communities that rely on them.

Through our connections with chosen vendors, industry experts, and the security community, we gain global insights that strengthen our extensive local knowledge.

We are uniquely positioned to promote Australian security interests across the global stage to the benefit of our customers.

Security Assurance Navy
What We Do


Assess Vulnerability

Assess your organisation’s vulnerability to attacks.

Actionable Recommendations

Actionable recommendations delivered by expert strategic security consultants.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Improved regulatory compliance across security standards.

Security AssuranceOur Strengths

Security And Privacy Advisory

Security & privacy advisory

We offer advisory and consulting services to help you design, implement and manage your organisation’s ongoing security and privacy strategies. We can assess and advise on the risks associated with your data, people, processes and technologies, and help to re-align your cyber security posture with your appetite for business risk.

Security Threat Assessments

Security threats assessments

Underpinned by world-class security operations, our security threat assessments provide deep insight into the threat landscape impacting your business, industry and geography. Our consulting expertise leverages capabilities across OSINT, SIGINT and HUMINT and many other information sources to determine your organisation's exposure to emerging threats and focus remedial actions which mitigate the highest risks.

Governance Risk Compliance

Governance, risk & compliance

Improve your risk posture and ensure compliance to industry standards including ISO 27001/2, IEC 62443, ISM (Information and Security Manual) and the ASD Essential 8. Our Governance, Risk and Compliance team will work closely with your organisation to identify areas of high risk, classify critical assets and bolster internal security risk management practices.

Digital Forensics And Incident Response Dfir

Digital forensics & incident response (DFIR)

Cyber attacks on your business infrastructure, systems and data can result in significant damage to your operations, brand and reputation. Our DFIR specialists can help enhance your organisation’s readiness for future incidents through the provision and testing of clearly defined response plans, major incident identification and triage, evidence collection and contextual reporting.

Penetration Testing Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration testing / Vulnerability assessment

Identifying, testing and assessing for vulnerabilities within your organisation’s technology environment drives increased awareness and understanding of your exposure to cyber risk. Using industry best practice and standards, including OWASP, our experts will provide you with a structured and repeatable security baseline as well as actionable recommendations to prioritise risk remediation and management.

Security Architecture

Security architecture

Well-designed, implemented and managed security architecture underpins a resilient organisational technology framework. PROTECT+ will provide a comprehensive assessment of your existing security solution to determine its effectiveness, and design a secure and trusted security architecture framework that leverages new or existing technologies to achieve your business objectives.

“Providing our customers with contextual insights and visibility is what we live for. It improves their awareness and understanding and helps them make informed decisions on where and how to invest in their cyber security needs. I’m proud of our team which continues to align our innovative PROTECT+ services to our customers’ digital transformation goals”.
Russell Thomas Profilke
Russel Thomas
National Account Manager
Protect+ cases

Cyber Security

Our knowledge of global security threats is backed by an unrivalled presence in the Australian IT landscape. Our specialist security crew are supported by a more than 1,400-strong team with intimate knowledge of customer operations.

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