Turn threat intelligence into action. Accelerate your onsite incident resolution with real-time data provided by our Security Operations Centre for faster remediation.

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We lead the way in defending current and emerging threats.

We’ve invested in our security capability and operations to enable us to respond to threats and risks within every size of organisation.

Our specialist security crew leverage our deep knowledge of customer operations to set new standards and continually elevate the protection of crucial business assets.

We are nimble and can tailor our services to match the unique needs of your business.

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What We Do


Turn Intelligent Into Action

Turn threat intelligence into action

Identify Gaps And Enhance Environment

Identify gaps and enhance the safety of your environment

Faster Remediation

Faster remediation for better future protection

Threat ResponseOur Strengths

Managed Detection Response

Managed detection & response

Leveraging our strategic partnership with CrowdStrike, we deliver cloud-delivered, next-generation endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities including proactive cyber hunting to defend your network from malicious actors and malware attacks. Our Security Analysts provide round-the-clock 24x7x365 incident monitoring and response services to ensure your environment remains protected at all times.

Incident Response

Incident response

In the event of a cyber incident or breach, our security experts will respond swiftly to contain and remediate the situation, ensuring your organisation recovers as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of the incident, our Digital Forensics team can provide further assistance through the provision of staff trained and experienced in providing expert evidence in court.

Major Incident Management

Major incident management

Our Security Analysts are ITIL certified and experienced in the lifecycle of incidents using the Major Incident Management process. We provide you with the right processes and skills to effectively triage and manage incidents from logging, categorisation, escalation, investigation, resolution and post incident analysis, using our validated service management tools

Forensic Analysis Forensic Investigation

Forensic investigation & analysis

Complementing our incident management capability, our high skilled staff are trained in digital forensic investigation and analysis, providing you with a comprehensive report and actionable recommendations in the instance of an incident. Our staff have real-world experience conducting digital forensics investigations and providing expert evidence in criminal and civil proceedings.

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting

Our proactive Threat Hunting team will search your network for evidence of malicious actor tactics, techniques and procedures (TPP), build custom hypotheses based on identified TPPs and perform an analysis to detect indicators of compromise (IoC). If an IoC is found, we’ll initiate our Incident Response procedure to respond, remediate and recover your network from detected threats.

Security Orchestration And Sutomation Response

Security orchestration automated response

Kinetic IT can build automated response workflows into our customer's security appliances to perform automated remediation on security incidents. By automating this activity, it improves the response time to security threats by stopping the malicious actor faster.

"We’re always researching current security vulnerabilities, tactics and techniques to ensure the services we provide to our customers is contextually current and relevant to a rapidly evolving threat landscape"
Kai Frost
Kai Frost
Security Technical Specialist, Security Intelligence Services
Kinetic IT
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Cyber Security

Our knowledge of global security threats is backed by an unrivalled presence in the Australian IT landscape. Our specialist security crew are supported by a more than 1,400-strong team with intimate knowledge of customer operations.

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