Leverage security technologies integrated with global intelligence and local insight and expertise for increased visibility and faster detection of attacks specific to your organisation.

Threat Intelligence

Our reputation is only as good as yours.

To protect your operations and the people you value, we’ve built a comprehensive cyber security capability to share your security risk.

Our specialist security crew leverage deep knowledge of customer operations to set new standards in delivering PROTECT+ to continually elevate the protection of crucial business assets.

Threat Intelligence Navy
What We Do


Faster Detection

Faster detection and increased visibility of attacks specific to your organisation.​

Connected Global Intelligence

Connected global intelligence, combined with local knowledge & understanding.

Direct Access To Partners

Direct access to our partners & international security experts located onshore.

Threat IntelligenceOur Strengths

Event Detection Monitoring Analysis

Event detection, monitoring & analysis.

This core Security Operations Centre (SOC) service is focused on detecting suspicious behaviour through analysis of patterns, trends and anomalies in your network. Tightly integrated with the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework, our SOC team employs known tactics, techniques and procedures to identify and surface potential threat actors in your environment.

Advanced Cloud Application Security Customised Monitoring Analysis

Advanced cloud & application security, customised monitoring & analysis.

Leveraging integration with cloud access security broker (CASB) services, our expert team monitors and assesses all aspects of your cloud environment, including custom applications and databases to identify and treat potential vulnerabilities. We apply policies within your cloud environment to prevent the loss of data through malicious or unintentional means

Incident Triage Incident Response

Incident Triage / Incident Response.

In the case of an active cyber threat, our Incident Response team rapidly assesses the cause, scope and potential of an attack, using evidence collected through digital forensics and systems analysis. The team leverages threat intelligence and indicators of compromise to contain and neutralise the attack and restore operational security.

Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis.

Combining contemporary security technologies with human expertise, our Security Analysts and Threat Researchers integrates our global threat intelligence with telemetry and analytics across your environments to identify Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and Indicators of Attack (IOA) aligned to the proven techniques and tactics of the attacker. This enables proactive breach prevention while allowing for fast remediation in the event of an incident.

Threat Research Threat Analysis

Threat Research / Threat Analysis.

Our expert security analysts research and investigate current threats and attacks to provide you with insightful knowledge on malicious activity threatening your organisation's network. This means we are able to provide expert advice on how to detect, respond and stop general or targeted threats.

Advanced Analysis User And Entity Behaviour Analytics

Advanced UEB Analytics.

Advanced User and Entity Behaviour (UEB) analytics provides contextual insight into suspicious or abnormal behaviour in your network. Analysts establish a baseline of network activity which is then used to identify anomalous activity and assess its risk based on the behaviour. This rule-less detection capability provides an advanced lens on security threats to your organisation based on what 'normal' activity looks like.

"Everyone from executives to administrators need to be aware and alert. What matters to us is having talent with the right intent, motivation and willingness to constantly learn and adapt to a constantly changing environment.
Jessica Todd Kineticit
Jessica Todd
Senior Manager, DEI & Participation
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Cyber Security

Our knowledge of global security threats is backed by an unrivalled presence in the Australian IT landscape. Our specialist security crew are supported by a more than 1,400-strong team with intimate knowledge of customer operations.

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