Strengthen your security posture across the entire organisation. Globally-recognised training and certifications. Customised programs to suit specific organisational needs.

Security Awareness

We elevate the protection of crucial business assets.

Our solutions are customised and focus on building cyber security capability onsite to protect your operations and better leverage your security investment.

We deliver values-led, benefit driven security solutions tailored to fit a customer’s specific operational needs.

Our commitment to developing and enhancing capability within local communities makes us determined to deliver the best possible outcome for our customers, and we persevere until we do.

Security Awareness Navy
What We Do


Empower Your People With Certifications

Empower your people with the most sought-after global certifications.

Upskill Those Closest To Cyber Threats

Upskill those closest to your network where cyber threats are at their greatest.

Security Awareness Program

Strengthen your organisation’s defences with customised Security Awareness Program.

Security AwarenessOur Strengths

Enterprise Security Awareness

Enterprise security awareness

Cyber Aware is Kinetic IT's flagship security awareness training and assessment platform, incorporating design-rich content and awareness campaign collateral, along with an automated phishing simulation service that continually tests and baselines business susceptibility to the most common threat vectors used by cybercriminals. Cyber Aware includes management dashboards and timely risk reporting.

Executive Education Awareness

Executive education and awareness

Raise your business leaders and executives’ awareness of security threats, risks and mitigation strategies and help them better protect themselves as high-profile targets. Attendees are armed with the knowledge to make informed security-related business decisions. Sessions are short, informative, impactful and custom-built for specific themes pertinent to executives and senior managers.

Professional Security Training

Professional security training

Access professional certification training for all major security qualifications including CISSP, CISM, CIPM, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor. Courses are delivered by qualified trainers and can be delivered as private onsite sessions, or alternatively delegates can attend public training courses offered in all major Australian capital cities.

Tailored Education Training

Tailored education and training

When certification training isn’t required, our tailored education products offer targeted learning opportunities designed to suit the needs of specific teams or functions. Topics range from Incident Response and Digital Forensics Readiness for Service Desk teams through to deep technical sessions on subjects such as threat modelling for security architects.

Industry Engagment Support

Industry engagement and support

Our Industry Engagement team provides your organisation with access to industry leaders and technical specialists who can share their knowledge and insight on any cyber security topic through presentations at meetings or conferences, by writing articles or whitepapers for your business, or to liaise with schools and universities for guest lectures.

Simulations Tabletop

Simulations and tabletop exercises

Simulations and tabletop exercises are an integral component of any enterprise Incident Response Readiness program. Our team will build scenarios that are specific to your business risks and aligned with your organisation’s cyber security maturity to test the efficacy of response teams and surface people, process and technology gaps requiring attention.

"PROTECT+ is tailored to the unique requirements of our customers. Our context-driven approach coupled with our private, on-shore model, provides us with the flexibility to adapt to changing needs as they arise – giving our customers the confidence and peace of mind that we’re working in their best interests at all times."
Kevin Osullivan Kineticit
Kevin O'Sullivan
Head of Security Services
Kinetic IT
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Cyber Security

Our knowledge of global security threats is backed by an unrivalled presence in the Australian IT landscape. Our specialist security crew are supported by a more than 1,400-strong team with intimate knowledge of customer operations.

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